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2004 version of Valve Software's classic First-Person shooter game, running on the GoldSrc engine

2004 version of Valve Software's classic First-Person shooter game, running on the GoldSrc engine

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Counter Strike: Condition Zero is a first-person shooting game where you play in teams to defeat the enemy. This is a sequel to the original Counter Strike game and has similar mechanics with updates graphics and weapons. You'll find that this game still has a dedicated audience for online gaming.

Main Features

Counter Strike: Condition Zero is a game where you choose to play either as a terrorist or counter-terrorist for the online matches. You will fight the other team and attempt to beat all the other members. Teams will be switched at half-time so you'll go from counter-terrorist to terrorist and vice-versa. If you are killed in the middle of the match, then you become a spectator and you can see the other players trying to beat each other. You will respawn once the match is over. Each match is about five minutes long.

Whether you are playing single-player mode offline or online multiplayer mode, you will be able to buy and find weapons to use against the enemy. Condition Zero offers many different weapons like rifles, pistols, machine guns, melee weapons and more. Each one has its own pros and cons. Be sure to find weapons that match your play style.

There are many modes to choose from this with game ensuring that everyone can have fun regardless of their skill level. In all modes, you will be responsible for wiping out the other team with your chosen weapons.

Offline Single Player Mode

If you're new to Counter Strike or want an easier challenge, then you'll want to play the offline single-player mode. Online play can be very difficult since most players are veterans with many years of gaming experience, but offline play allows you to go up against bots that are made for your specific skill level.

Offline mode has six challenges with three missions each. This gives you a total of 18 missions and each one is harder than the last. This helps you get used to faster and more aggressive enemies. While defeating the enemy is one goal, each mission will have another goal like defusing a bomb or rescuing hostages. Be patient and learn how the enemies and maps work so that you can do these missions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Offline mode also comes with the Tutor System. This is new to the Counter Strike franchise and you can turn it on and off whenever you want. This is good because it prevents it from getting annoying. The Tutor System is ideal for players who are new to Counter Strike or new to first-person shooters in general. This will take you through basic controls like how to pick up weapons, switch between them and aiming at enemies.

It can also help you instructions specific to Counter Strike. For example, the Tutor System can show you how to rescue hostages and keep them safe, defuse bombs and other mission-specific information. New players should have this system active until they understand the basic controls.


One of the reasons why Counter Strike: Condition Zero is still popular is because of the bots. While playing online against human players is fun, everyone on the servers now has years of experience and most people will lose in seconds. You can still have fun by using bots as your teammates and enemies. Despite being an older game, the bots here are fairly sophisticated and you can change the skill level so that the game is challenging but fun. You face off against six terrorists in most rounds and you'll need teammates. The bots can help with this as well. This ensures you can play every game mode without another human.

The skill level is dependent on the in-game price. Cheaper bots are less skilled than more expensive bots. If you want very easy enemies, then buy bots for just one point each. If you want a difficult match, then buy each bot for four points and you'll see a huge difference in difficulty. The same is true for teammates.

Dated Graphics

The graphics of Counter Strike: Condition Zero are better than the original version, but they don't hold a candle to modern game graphics. This makes sense because the game is quite old at this point, but it's still a respected game within the first-person shooting community due to its action and fun mechanics. If you consider when this game was made, then the graphics are actually quite good. This was around the PlayStation 1 era and the graphics are up to par when compared to other contemporary games.

If you're looking for a super realistic game, then this isn't it. If you want a fun game and don't mind the retro graphics, then this shouldn't be a major problem.

Lightweight Game

Despite all the action, online play and multiple weapons, this game is surprisingly light on your system. This is especially true when compared to modern games. Condition Zero only needs 660MB of hard drive space. Even smaller modern games require two or three times that amount. It's recommended that you have at least 128MB of RAM and 32MB of video RAM along with a 1.3GHz CPU or stronger.

Every modern computer should easily exceed these requirements. If you want a light game with lots of action, then Condition Zero is the perfect choice.

Original Counter Strike

Not only do you get to experience all the fun missions and game modes in Condition Zero, but this also comes packed with the original Counter Strike. Much like Condition Zero, this is still a popular game online and there are many people you can play with. This gives you a whole other game to play without having to purchase it separately.

If you want to experience the original game and one of the foundational first-person shooters, then try the original Counter Strike.


  • Play online with real people or offline with bots
  • Many fun missions like rescuing hostages or defusing bombs
  • Very lightweight game that any computer can play


  • Graphics are dated by today's standards
  • The online matches are difficult since most existing players have years of experience

Go to battle either alone or with other people online to get the victory over the opponent.

An updated version of the original game, you have more weapons to choose from and intense action. Options for playing alone or with other players who are online are available. However, if you play with people who are online, you need to keep in mind that the battles you complete end best if everyone works together and if everyone stays online throughout the fighting. Weapons are designed so that they are more realistic than the original game. There are also more weapons to choose from so that you can get better shots at longer distances.

Working with other people is often the best way to play the game. You can coordinate together as to where to set up your base and where to stand and hide so that you can defeat as many opponents as possible. If you don't have friends to play with who are online, you can play with strangers who enjoy the game. There is an option to talk to the people you're playing with so that you can coordinate a bit better. You'll receive rewards for the strategies that you use in the game in the form of new weapons and new maps. There is a nice balance of playing in the game instead of one side dominating the entire time. Avoid using the smaller weapons in the game if at all possible. Reach for the larger weapons that are more powerful so that you can quickly commit a defeat. The graphics could use some improvement, but there are decent details on the faces of the characters, the locations, and the weapons. The sound effects are better than the graphics.


  • Work with other players
  • Receive rewards
  • Realistic sounds


  • Graphics
  • Few saving and security options